Monday, September 15, 2008

The Dark Side

Trail Blais was at MOSH in Jacksonville Florida on Friday night. We served as the special guest and caterer and I put on 3 demonstrations inside of their science theater.

This trip was full of behind the scenes drama. It actually would have been the perfect pilot for “Trail Blais” the TV show.

Hypothetically speaking….
Would you watch a show where a rising celebrity chef ( sorry, what else do I call it ) and his team of diverse culinary talent, travel to a Science museum, and work alongside a dysfunctional local caterer. Shot in two drastically different backdrops; a beautiful science and history museum and a 30 year old “catering facility” that I can best describe as a pirate ship, a sinking pirate ship. BTW, the pirates themselves were helpful, nice guys and in the spirit of international football, we traded our blue aprons for their eye patches.

Watch the drama unfold between the guest chef and the local restaurateur obnoxiously protecting his turf. Witness the palpable stress of the pretty PR rep trying to be the glue holding it all together.

Do you want to know what the oldest stock pot in the world looks like ?

Do you enjoy karaoke ?

Have an interest in molecular gastronomy ?

Feel at home with an escort of storm troopers ? (I do, in fact. Look for this. I may just start traveling with Vader’s 501st)

Then, perhaps you would have enjoyed this trip… as a television episode.

Of course, it wasn’t.

The event was a smashing success. MOSH got a great turn out. The guests were more than awesome and once again I feel like I made a few hundred new friends.

In fact, we have been invited back for next year, and I can guarantee it will be a killer show. Bigger, better and stronger.

Culinarily, it was a trip that reminded me of how important some basic things are in our kitchen. Deli containers, green tape (shit, any color tape) vacuum bags, 9 pans (hell, any pans ) and most importantly.... enthusiastic help. All of which were in demand at some point during the weekend.

The presentation, with a science lab as our stage ( how freaking cool is that ), was a good push. This was the first time where we demonstrated a wide array of techniques.

Too many people to thank individually, but thanks to all.

Looking forward to rolling deep at MOSH next year with an army of culinary students… and storm troopers.

Off to NYC, as soon as I clean up the glass from my broken car window. Who breaks into a car for sneakers?


Deanna said...

Sounds like you could've just stayed in town and done a demo at DragonCon instead. At least the pirate costumes probably would've been more impressive.

kenny- said...

i saw you at starbucks in nyc, thought about it for about 5 minutes then realized where i recognized you from.. probably wondered who the creep staring at you was.... good luck in your endeavors

barbara said...

I was at MOSH in Jacksonville and thought you were great! We were all very impressed by how down to earth you were as well as how great the food was. Plus your cute helper chef (Jared I think) making the corn ice cream didn't hurt either. ;)