Thursday, January 29, 2009

2 DO

2 eat : burgers of course and brasserie food. More to come, stand by.

2 cook: Rethinking tradition as usual and I’m on a bolognese kick.

2 drink: Red wine and coffee.

2 read: Outliers and The Pirates Dilemma

2 listen 2: M.I.A and Vampire weekend

2 play: FIFA 09 ,

2 watch: Top Chef and Lost. Arsenal football, OK, any football.

2 travel: Park City and Italy

2 invest: Flip burger

2 exercise: Running outside in the rain

2 feed Riley: Apples with cardamom. Chick peas with cinnamon

2 network: Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Secret Agent Man

So, I’m back on tour, so to speak, over the next few months. Flip is getting on its feet and busier every day. We also received a stellar review. So, the next few months will see me balancing the oversight of a popular new restaurant in Atlanta, securing new investment for future Flips, and demonstrating, filming, teaching, and brainstorming.

I have to say that I never thought Trail Blais would have so many active areas of interest…particularly in the fields of entertainment and ideation.

Although, I can’t speak in specifics yet, I’m fascinated that my work has been able to create and improve products for companies ranging from beverage importers to (possibly) even our government. It’s an exciting new world. One with a long leash from the stove. But a leash none-the-less.

At the Pennsylvania farm show this weekend, someone asked if I was happy that I don’t cook anymore? This was as I was cooking for them? But I understand the question and the perspective. People have a difficult time viewing a chef as anything but someone who relentlessly toils in a small, closed kitchen.

Some, including my chef at FLIP, like to poke fun at how exhausted I am when I return from my trips. The poor ol’ chef, exhausted from cooking on a stage in NYC for a few days. I get it. I’m still a hard core restaurant chef who understands that culture. But I’m now the darkside. A few lucky turns away from having my own television show, my own creative restaurant, and many burger boutiques.

Sunday, January 4, 2009


Jan. 6-7      NYC        Filming for Food Detective w/ Ted Allen

Jan. 8         ATL        Watching the Mighty Gators beat up (CH)Oklahoma

Jan. 9-11     PA          Harrisburg (more specifically) Pennsylvania Farm Show

Jan. 13-17                  Undisclosed location for reasons I can't say....yet!

Jan. 27-29 Vegas     NAPTE Convention

Jan. 30-      TPA       Taste of the NFL events w/ Tom, Antonia, Andrew and Spike
Feb 2.

Feb 6-8      CA          Dinner retreat at Stevenswood Ranch in Mendocino, CA. 

So that's the schedule for the next month or so.  For all the time between, I will be splitting time between my family and Flip.  

Happy New Year and here's to a great 2009