Sunday, January 4, 2009


Jan. 6-7      NYC        Filming for Food Detective w/ Ted Allen

Jan. 8         ATL        Watching the Mighty Gators beat up (CH)Oklahoma

Jan. 9-11     PA          Harrisburg (more specifically) Pennsylvania Farm Show

Jan. 13-17                  Undisclosed location for reasons I can't say....yet!

Jan. 27-29 Vegas     NAPTE Convention

Jan. 30-      TPA       Taste of the NFL events w/ Tom, Antonia, Andrew and Spike
Feb 2.

Feb 6-8      CA          Dinner retreat at Stevenswood Ranch in Mendocino, CA. 

So that's the schedule for the next month or so.  For all the time between, I will be splitting time between my family and Flip.  

Happy New Year and here's to a great 2009


vegetablebeef said...

Go Gators! SEC FTW!

Anonymous said...

NATPE? Isn't that were people go to sel TV shows?

Laura B said...

What a busy schedule!

I'm going to watching for that episode of Food Detectives.

The Gators have come through again. Go Gators!

Tampa HR FAN said...

It was great to meet you in Tampa - we enjoyed having you stay at our hotel and you were just as nice as you come across on TV!