Thursday, January 29, 2009

2 DO

2 eat : burgers of course and brasserie food. More to come, stand by.

2 cook: Rethinking tradition as usual and I’m on a bolognese kick.

2 drink: Red wine and coffee.

2 read: Outliers and The Pirates Dilemma

2 listen 2: M.I.A and Vampire weekend

2 play: FIFA 09 ,

2 watch: Top Chef and Lost. Arsenal football, OK, any football.

2 travel: Park City and Italy

2 invest: Flip burger

2 exercise: Running outside in the rain

2 feed Riley: Apples with cardamom. Chick peas with cinnamon

2 network: Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace


Anonymous said...

2consider: Judging a Burger cookoff this Spring at Dixieland Fun Park's first annual Burger cook-off. Between April 4-12, date TBD. What do ya think?
Nani Mathews
(NaniMathews on Twitter)

Anonymous said...

Hey, Alex K brought me to Flip for my first visit on Tuesday and was definitely more than impressed with everything I tried on the menu. Unfortunately you were out, and I did not have the opportunity to tell you in person, but, check my blog that is linked to in my comment because I'm planning on giving a full rundown of how amazed I was by everything in the next day or two on that spot.

Go Gunners, and I look forward to following your updates on Twitter.

Roberto N. said...

Personally, I find PES to be a much better Soccer experience than FIFA. I used to be a FIFA boy but just recently converted.

Bob del Grosso said...


Add the "Followers" widget to your layout so that fans who use Blogspot can get feeds of your blog. (or don't)

Anonymous said...

Hey Richard....

Since you have such incredible taste... If you had to get married in Atlanta, what location would you choose and who would you pick to cater it? yourself excluded of course!

Richard Blais said...

I DID get married in Atlanta so that one is easy... ceremony at the botanical gardens and the reception at the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce rooftop. Not glamorous from the outside, but an unbelievable panoramic view of downtown.... great pics! We had a few different in-town restaurants do the catering- Oceanaire, Murphys, OMK, etc...The Four Seasons did our cake- coconut macaroon- the best! Best wishes!

SFGooner said...

There is no substitute for Arsenal football! C'mon you Gunners!

Shelly said...

Funny writer. Great chef (wish I could taste your food from Cincinnati).

Good luck on all your fishing adventures!