Thursday, March 5, 2009

Upcoming Weekend Schedule

3/6          Dallas                 RCA Conference/ "Applying Molecular Gastronomy to Creative Menu                                                  Development"  11AM

3/7          Charleston        Food & Wine Fest/ Celebrity MC at Certified SC Grown Cooking                                                            Competitions   12pm-530pm

3/8          Charleston        Food & Wine Fest/ Cooking Demo @ SCE&G Celebrity Kitchen Tent

Come and find me if you are around either of these great events!


MikeO said...

Richard -- Met you in the Salt Lake City airport on Wednesday, thanks again for the photo. My kids loved it. We all wanted you to win top chef!! Thanks again for being so gracious -- Mike

MikeO said...

Ricahrd -- Thanks again for being so gracious today when I met you at the Salt Lake City Airport. My kids and wife loved the photo and think you are just great. I couldn't agree more. Thanks again !! -- Mike