Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Upcoming Schedule

Upcoming Schedule for the next month!  Come and say Hi! if you are around any of these events.  

5/29 Baby Riley's 1st Bday!!

6/4  Top Chef Tour, Des Moines, Iowa

6/6  Top Chef Tour, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

6/8-6/10 LA Concept meetings

6/19-6/21  Aspen Food & Wine Festival

6/25  Gettysburg Festival Dinner

6/27  Variety Playhouse Show in Atlanta.  Not just your usual cooking demo... Tickets here!

6/28  Career Builder Event @ SHRM,  NOLA


Leslie said...


The link is broken for 6/27 Variety Playhouse Show in Atlanta... Would love more information and the NOLA event, too, please.

Have a super awesome day.

PS I was watching the reruns of your season with my husband... I really almost stopped watching when they kept Lisa on the show instead of Dale. I thought all season long it would be Dale, Stephanie, and you going head to head at the end.

Leslie said...

I found it! http://www.variety-playhouse.com/#richardblais