Saturday, February 14, 2009


The "crew"

Jenna Wolfe from the Today Show

On set

Me, the "bus" and my autographed ball

To the victors go the spoils


Deanna said...

What's the deal with your socks and pants in the "On Set" picture? You look like Honus Wagner! Made me laugh.

Tom W said...

I was hoping you would get a chance to post something on your Super Bowl victory. Your dish seemed fantastic, but I hated how hurried the segment seemed to be!

Richard Blais said...

Yes, I thought Ty Cobb myself. I happened to have a pair of soccer socks on. And in the spirit of things went for it !

Richard Blais said...

It was certainly hurried as it was live. that 2 minutes of footage was broadcast in 93 million homes !