Thursday, August 7, 2008


Back HOME, literally, the restaurant is coasting at a good pace. My chef Jef Wright seems like he's starting to hit his stride, and the feedback, and business is very good. Unfortunately not good enough for all, as I can start to feel the slightest bit of pressure from my "touring" lately. We will try to ride it out and see if there really is an understanding in place, we'll see.

In other news, again literally, we shot 2 pieces for the local CBS affiliate that air this week
we shot some video for a food website, , and did a few print pieces and 1 radio show. It's crazytown son !!!

so I am off to LA for another tour stop, with a new Macbook, and the coolest gadget since the immersion circulator......... The I-phone....I have now joined the rest of humanity!

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blipangel said...

My wife and I were pulling for you to win TCChicago big time. We've made reservations at HOME for our 4th wedding anniversary the 1st weekend in September. Hopefully you'll be back in the ATL by then!