Monday, August 25, 2008

A Mighty Quest

Recently, I had a young student tell me he wanted to be a molecular gastronomist. Now the problem was he was in culinary school and not Georgia Tech.

It’s tough to really express myself about this subject. I certainly get put in the molecular camp, and it’s true to a certain degree, but we now are exporting class after class of young chefs who may not understand that making hollandaise IS molecular gastronomy. Furthermore, that the science they are so eager to study is already being taught to them, and in the worst case, is being dismissed as traditional, boring, and well, not cool.

When I was a much younger cook, I just wanted to be French!

And in trying to be so, I stumbled upon things like chlorophyll, produced from juiced spinach. It’s these things, like the discovery of process during cooking that define what most so called “molecular gastronomists” are actually doing.

We’re being observant and curious cooks, in a pursuit of flavor...

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Aug 31st @ McCrady’s with chef Sean Brock, Charleston, SC

Sept 11-13 @ Museum of Science and Histroy, Jacksonville, FLA

Sept 14 @ Star Chefs Conference, NYC, NY

Sept 15 @ New York City, NY, Astor Center

Sept 20 @ Tampa, FLA, site TBD, Top Chef Tour

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Richard Townes said...


Well put! I am a classical musician, and I see what you are talking about all the time. Music students often want to play tons of crazy and hard music, but they don't realize that they first need to learn the fundamentals of music. To put it another way, when you build a house the first thing you start with is the foundation. Then comes all the other stuff. Thanks for keeping us up to speed on what is going on with you. I can't wait to visit "Home" the next time I am in Atlanta. Take care!

Andrew B. Clark said...

Richard -

I wanted to let you know that you've been a true (T.R.U.E.) inspiration to me and my associates. Although our chosen fields are different, you've shown that taking the plan, the recipe, the outline, the blueprint (name your base) and infusing creativity, fun and passion produces truly amazing results.

I thank you for that. Thank you for the inspiration. And thank you for the link back to my blog/review of your appearance on TopChef.

Keep Cooking!
Andrew B. Clark
The Brand Chef

Tammi Marcoullier said...

RB, I don't see D.C. on your itinerary, but if you find your way here, the offer for a drink still stands. And I'd be happy to show off a favorite restaurant or two of ours! (Easy theme - great fresh foods, locally grown if possible, fun people. Including, Blue Duck Tavern in D.C., American Flatbread in Ashburn, VA, and wine tasting with Mary Watson in her herb garden at Lansdowne Resort.)

Roberto N. said...

I should have all my culinary students read this post. Great words!