Thursday, August 21, 2008

West Coast Stomping, Part 2

Back from Los Angeles today and feeling quite exhausted from 2
consecutive tour stops, and a little too much entertaining.

But first, I was stopped in the airport in ATL. That happens, and it
seemed pretty standard…

Them: " I loved you on the show, you were great"

Me: “Thanks!”

Them: " I really loved you on American Idol"

Yikes !!!!! Of course I just said thanks, I mean it's a popular show.

I worked two tour days. The first day with Brian Malarkey from Season 3 and the second day with Antonia Lofaso, my cast mate in Season 4.
We batted it back and forth and really gave a good show on both days. This was the
first stop where I really brought out the toys. Equipped with a
little, OK, a lot of liquid nitrogen and immersion circulators, I
really ramped it up.... I mean it's Hollywood right?

Now here's the thing.... Being ON STAGE all the time is tough. I don't
mean physically on stage, but knowing that everyone you meet, or who
recognizes you walks away with an impression makes you really want to
validate yourself, your performance, your personal character. I've
never not given any supporter or fan everything I have even if it's
only for 2 minutes in passing. It's important. We (Top Chef, quasi
celebrity, e- listers, whatever ) really need to validate the
integrity of what we do. It's a responsibility. But this trip grinded
on me, and for the first time I just wanted to throw on a baseball cap
and some sun glasses, maybe even a fake beard, and just chill out for
a bit, alone...

But I was also doing some business in Laguna Beach, so for really 3
days straight I just really needed to push and be “on”. I love Laguna Beach, what
a place, really gorgeous, like post card beautiful. I got the tour
from my new friends Monica and Brad, had a great meal, even better
conversation, and I hope to be seeing a lot more of Orange County, and
next time with Jazmin and baby Riley.

I'm typing this on my flight back now, in a Dodgers cap.... no beard )

And I am exhausted.


Anonymous said...

Big fan of Top Chef and you guys had a great season. A real quick question-in the pictures you submitted for Top Chef, you are wearing an Arsenal shirt. Are you an Arsenal supporter? Just wondering! Thanks, Stephanie

Maryhousehold said...

My wife and I ate at Home for our 20th anniversary (loved it) and while we were fans of the show and wanted to meet you, I watched as you were called out from the kitchen three times to meet guest so we passed.

That said, from watching your interaction with all the guest in there that night, It is obvious that you give more of your time and thoughts than could be expected.

Can't wait for Flip to open (we live off Howell Mill) and love the facebook updates.


Richard Blais said...

...and we're the best football team... the world has ever seen... and it's AR-SEN-AL.... ARSENAL FC!! OY OY!!

Richard Blais said...


Thanks for the kind words! Next time you are in please say hello. We are also getting very excited for FLIP... it is moving along nicely!

Lucy said...

I loved watching you on Top Chef and I'm glad you're blogging. You're travel itinerary is interesting, but where's the food? I don't necessarily mean recipes, but I would love to see pictures and descriptions of the food you prepare, on tour and in your restaurants.

Richard Blais said...

@ Lucy

Thanks for reminding me Lucy! I am planning to post some food pics soon! Thanks for the support.

Dan said...

Try combing your hair down flat, I bet no one would recognize you!

Just a thought :)