Monday, November 24, 2008

Sick & tired

This was the most grueling week and a half since I’ve been traveling. I started the time in Kingston, Jamaica doing 8 demonstrations in 4 days for Red Stripe beer. I flew from there to Atlanta, picked up my family, and headed straight to San Diego for their Food & Wine Fest. Then back to Atlanta to drop off the family, and a turn around to San Francisco where I met with Tyler Florence about a possible collaboration out there. I, officially, got sick on that trip. Right back to Atlanta for a few hours, and then to New York for a Top Chef Beard dinner.

I’m literally sick and tired.

The Beard dinner was killer.

CJ kicked it off with some canapes. Antonia Lofaso followed with a lobster ravioli. Lee Anne Wong did a goat cheese and truffle salad, Hung did a cod dish, Stephanie Izard came next with a duo of pork belly and duck. Dale Levitski put out a venison dish and I attempted a dessert of parsley root and Dr. Pepper.

Really well done. Not a lot of ego and an overall great time.

It’s time to reflect and prepare for the New Year.

The next few weeks will see me focus on Flip and the family. But I’m looking to bear down in 09 and get a few serious cuisine projects going. News to come!

2 comments: said...

Richard, sorry you are not feeling well!! This is the first time I have posted to your blog, but I have been reading for awhile. Can you reveal what the collaberation might be with Tyler? Best of luck with sounds like it will be a fabulous place when finished! I wish I lived in Atlanta so I could partake in the splendid food which will no doubt be produced there!! Best of luck with it all and will you be guesting on Top Chef this season?

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Flip...when will we be able to enjoy it? This week? Next week? The anticipation is killing. Also, will we be seeing more menu previews/ a website? I know you are crazy busy, but I need some yummy burgers and shakes!