Friday, October 10, 2008

Dinner @ Shaun's

On Wednesday, Trail Blais participated in Shauns 2 year anniversary dinner. We rolled massive once again and brought 5 TB team members.

We did 2 courses.

hamachi with fried chicken feet and smoked mayonnaise ravioli ( my personal ode to both chicken of the sea and the chik-fil-A sandwich)


grilled cod with fried clams and apple cider.

it was a night of controlled chaos. Shaun Doty is one of my favorite chefs in Atlanta, and Shaun’s is one of my favorite restaurants.

The whole day made me so hungry for getting a chance to do our food in Atlanta. I am admittedly very jealous of what Shaun has there, in a good way.

I also was reminded again of how a chef needs to be in the kitchen.

In a very complimentary way, Shaun is a mean ol' dog in his kitchen.

Damn, I miss it, and it’s only been a few weeks.

Check us out today on WXIA for a quick promo piece for Taste of Atlanta. And of course catch us Sunday at noon on the main cooking stage in Atlantic Station.


Deanna said...

So the ravioli was filled with the mayonnaise? Fascinating.

Anonymous said...

hi chef B,
if you don't mind me asking, what did you set the mayo with?

just a girl... said...

wow i am so glad I found this blog. Invisible ketchup genius. Sweet Potato Tots, classic and I freaking love it.

Anita said...

Hi Richard.
The dinner at Shaun's was fantastic, and we really enjoyed meeting you. Your dishes were excellent. As much as the dinner made me want to dine at Shaun's again (and again...), it makes me look forward to you next big splash in Atlanta!!! Good luck with Flip. I hope we can dine with you again soon! from your Chicago fans, Anita and Stacey!