Friday, October 3, 2008

Whiteboard 1.0

invisible ketchup. Looks like Dep hair gel, tastes like, well, ketchup. All the flavor, none of the mess

fish sauce salt shakers. We are looking to design a fish sauce shaker. say that very fast a few times.

sweet potato tots. Why not, has anyone seen these anywhere ? you would think so.

smoked mayonnaise. Look for this available on our blog very soon.

edible bubble bath. sounds kinky I know

thermo stick. An immersion stick blender equipped to heat or chill whatever it is mixing.

flavor fumes. Non aerosol atomizers filled with edible flavored propellents. Think parmesan angel hair spray.


Juli said...

So my fiance announced that, for my 40th b-day, he wants to take me down to Atlanta (we live in the midwest) to eat at your restaurant, since I was so adamant during the last season of Top Chef that I absolutely must eat your food. (You are the only chef that I've ever said that about, so he knows I mean business.) Just checked out your site in anticipation of the big weekend and you can imagine my horror in learning that there is no restaurant. My panic attack has turned to resolve, though, and now I guess we just have to stalk you. Where will you be the first weekend of November and what can I do to realize my months-long dream of eating your food? (Don't confuse my dream's short duration for a lack of commitment.)

Richard Blais said...

Hi Juli
My company is working on a consulting project for a burger joint- not your traditional place though as you can imagine. We are slated to open early November. Maybe the timing will work out perfectly! I will post an opening date when I know. Thanks for the support!

Juli said...

Thank you, Richard, for responding so fast. My fiance is a vegetarian and did read that you are working on the perfect veggie burger for Flip and was excited about trying it. If you are open for business that first weekend of November, we'll be there! We're in Indianapolis, so if there are any midwest weekend road trip opportunities to experience your food, let me know! Thanks, Juli

theminx said...

A fish sauce shaker? heh? For regular ol' wet fish sauce? How about just a plastic cap with a hole in it like malt vinegar bottles have?

clair hancock said...

Hey Chef - was a fan of TC and just found your blog my accident. With all the stakes you have in the fire how do you divide the time up with your new family? Does your wife work with you or does she have her own career? There's a group of us in our weekly coffee klutch that were wondering how chef's find a balance. We were also curious if you kept the car that you won on Top Chef? Good luck with your new restaurant.

Richard Blais said...

Hey Clair

We are very lucky that my wife is staying home with our new baby for a while. She also helps me keep track of my calendar and our new business. We were both in restaurants before the baby and that can be a difficult juggling act. Believe it or not, it is a little easier now!

Shannon said...

Richard - I work at a product design firm in Pittsburgh, and we are interested in kitchen gadget design. If you are ever visiting this lovely city, you should stop by!

Richard Blais said...


I'd love to! I am actually in Philly this week, but I would love to stop by next time I'm in the PA. Shoot me an email with some more info at my website