Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The other bio

On the backside of my trip to LA, with some, well, silly, random thoughts.

Aroma. Why is the aroma industry, mainly soap, so avant garde. I mean, I cant remember the last time I came across a soap or shampoo, even candle, that was a simple flavor. I’ve personally washed my hands in Sicilian red orange, mallow and soy, and lemongrass wasabi here on my Delta flight. Maybe I’m in the wrong industry, Maybe I should just develop soap flavors...

Baseball.I’m rooting for the Dodgers in the Baseball playoffs. and the Rays in the AL. The Rays are easy, my wife’s from Tampa, and I also like their caps that read TB, for Trail Blais. But I’m a classicist at heart and since the Mets keep "pulling a Blais" at the end of the season (and since the Dodgers have great tradition) I’m pulling for Dodger Blue this fall. Also, there isn’t a cooler baseball player than Manny Ramirez. Any baseball player that dons Mark Gastineaus jersey number to play left field, not defensive end is just simply a bad ass.

Football. I have a field pass to see the Rambling Wreck Saturday. Should be fun, as I have a new friend who’s playing for Tech. Very much looking forward to seeing this game, versus Duke, who all of a sudden is winning games. I’m going to try and see if Spencer from ( http://www.edsbs.com/ ) will accompany me. Spencer BTW is a really great writer, and even if your not a college football fanatic, you should peep his site out, good stuff. Addicting.

Cocktails. They mostly suck everywhere. They may read interesting, they may try to use interesting “ kitchen” ingredients, but there just aren’t too many bars , especially restaurant bars, doing it right. I think there is a tremendous amount of impact to be made in this area of our cuisine. More to come on that.

Television. I will be blogging Real Housewives, ATL, so in preparation got hooked into a Top Design marathon. Well, not really a marathon, just Bravo’s standard scheduling. And at this point, I think Bravo should just open up a high end strip mall where you can shop for clothes, workout, get your hairs did, and eat a meal. I’m half serious with that idea. as for Top design, gotta love this guy Wisit, not only for his name but also his soft spoken Erkel demeanor.

Celebrity sighting. OK, I am so NOT LA. I was hanging at the bar next to Carlton from Fresh Prince last night. I mean, THE tap dance kid.... I thought it was cool, I’m a dork, and my wife confirmed this when I texted her.

Hotels. Mondrian in West Hollywood rocks, as well did Sky bar and Katana. Ate some black soy beans which tasted like the best popcorn, and a chicken heart which did not...

Religion. I wanted to be Jewish this week. a cool language, their own calendar, and brisket. Happy New Year! Can I work out an honorary membership ?

Fashion. I decided this week that I’m changing my image. Not sure exactly what changes will take place, but it involves easing up on the air force ones and getting some tailored garments.

Politics. Still can't stand Palin but I love Tina Fey! So I'm conflicted...

Economy. very much hoping I can get gas when I touchdown here in ATL. It’s gotta be over by now, no ?


Leslie said...

I always kind of laugh at those soaps on the Delta flight... like lemongrass wasabi soap will make an airplane bathroom so much more glamorous!

Ryan said...

Our (GT) game on this sat, the 11th, is against Gardner-Webb. We actually beat Duke last Saturday 27-0. How exciting that you get to be on the field. Congrats! and GO JACKETS!

(GT Alum and big fan)

Troy P said...

Speaking of LA... I just spotted you on TV, on TV... NBC's Life, 25 mins in, Damien Lewis walks into a suspect's place and the guy is watching TV with his rescued/pet monkey (evidently the monkey is selecting the channel) and there you are!

Tanya said...

It was so nice to meet you this evening at the RCA event at Cryo-Vac. I am sure my students will get a kick out of the video I shot (and will be excited to maybe get to meet you in person at some point). My husband was very excited when I told him you knew about his store - we'll get you hooked up! Since he's also Jewish maybe he can work out a deal to be an honorary tribe member. I'll e-mail you soon to work out the details.
Oh- I'm also a GT alumn - Go Jackets!!!

Tanya (middle school teacher/wife of the owner of the greatest sports store in Atlanta- Distant Replays)