Thursday, October 16, 2008

We need a DJ!

Just wrapped 2 events over the last 3 days. Taste of Atlanta and a demonstration for RCA (Research Chefs Association).

Taste of Atlanta was very impressive. I’ve been doing a lot of these types of food festivals lately and this one was very organized. A tip of the ol' dodgers cap to the people behind it... Good enough that I’d like to book for next year, wink, wink.

What came from the event, however, was what made it worth the time.

We need a DJ !

Not, literally, but I got to see G. Garvin go on stage after me, and he had the crowd amped with hip-hop mash ups and the sort. I think he even had a warm-up act!

Now for the record, I had no idea who G. Garvin was and I still don’t, but his show really inspired me.

If we are going to do demonstrations as regularly as we have; then we need to really think about the “show” not from just an informative stand point but as entertainment.

I’ll be turning this in the think tank for a few, and I’m sure we will figure out some neat ways to deliver better entertainment bang for the buck. If anyone wants to put together some intro music... hit me up!

Lot’s of fans at TOA, here are a few crazy groupies. Luckily, my wife was in the audience, as these girls were, well, all over me...

Two days later we trekked down I-75 and did an event at the Cryovac facility. We demonstrated some creative cooking techniques, mostly sous vide cooking.

Overall, a good show. A different crowd for sure, one that made for some great discussion , and intense ideating. I just like that word. Is it a word?

Catering. There’s a word I hate. Not the application, just the imagery of the word. Is there a better one ?

It is a strange juxtaposition. Many of these events and shows feature my demonstration and then catered food. For the large scale, this is neccessary. BUT....

I like "cocktail cuisine", passed food, and events. There’s something igniting here, even though it sounds common.

In other random news.

The dodgers suck, really blew it last night. neatest contact of the RCA night, and I say this with all due respect to all who I met. Meeting the wife of the guy who owns Distant Replays in Atlanta. The vintage sports clothing store.

Lenny Dykstra, away jersey, Mets, size 42 , I’m just sayin...

And I hope I’m not embarassing myself with my Housewives blog, just trying to keep it real! Check it out here.

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