Friday, October 17, 2008

Updated Schedule

10/22 Washington DC
10/24 NYC, Top Chef tour at Union Square
10/25 NYC, Top Chef tour at Union Square
10/27 NYC, a Bravo event for charity
10/31 Atlanta, Veuve Cliquot's Yelloween
11/6 Philadedlphia, Tangerine Restaurant for James Beard Foundation dinner
11/7 Hyde Park, CIA
11/8 Hyde Park, CIA
11/9-11/12 Kingston, Jamaica, Red Stripe
11/14-11/15 San Diego, Wine & Food Fest
11/19-11/21 NYC, details to follow
12/6 Perry, GA, iVillage prize dinner


Josh Korr said...

What's the D.C. stop going to be?

Richard Blais said...

Hey Josh- I am actually going to pitch a TV show to TLC. So, no public shows this time around. Hopefully soon though!

Deanna said...

This amuses me.

DC, New York, Jamaica, Perry!

theminx said...

No Baltimore stops, eh?

Anonymous said...

What are you doing in NYC on the 19th?

Richard Blais said...

Dannyz- Dinner at the James Beard house with a bunch of other Top Chef alums. I am looking for a link and will edit the post when I find it!

Anonymous said...

that's awesome!
me and few other cooks from my restaurant are going down to eat at matsugen that night, so maybe at some point in the evening after the dinner or afternoon prior, if you have time, we'd all love to meet you and chat for a bit!

Anonymous said...

just taking a shot in the wild here, but if you guys need extra hands for the dinner, I'd absolutely love to help with anything at all.